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Is the secular ceremony for you?

Are you a believer? Non-believers?

Different religions or cultures?

Are you a same-sex couple, of different genders?

This is your 1st wedding, your 2nd, your 14th?

Do you want to show your love in front of your loved ones,possibly involving them in the ceremony?

Can you imagine small rituals,borrowed from different cultures or made from scratch?

But, above all, you want something beautiful, moving and extremely joyful?

The secular ceremony is for you!


This is where The Ceremonists come in…

From your first reflections until D-Day, we invite you to accompany you to carry out the most beautiful ceremony!

1) Creation of the unfolding, choice of contents, speakers, music, rituals, decoration: we will make proposals and help you decide everything!

2) We will also free you from all sources of stress!

– contact with other service providers (place of reception, DJ …)

– management of your speakers (coordination, recovery of speeches)

– preparation of accessories

3) We will animate your ceremony on D-Day, mixing joy, emotion.. and just the right humor 🙂

But who are our officiants?

Originally from Lille, I could have decided to bet everything on my advantageous physique by becoming a model for Leroy Merlin's catalog, and yet…

After studying political science, I quickly moved towards communication and events, in which I accumulate 7 years of experience as a sales manager and project manager.

It was after hosting the ceremony of dear friends that I thought to myself "But… it's great actually!" then "Maybe I could make it my job?".

Defending the idea that all couples in the world can celebrate their love, I especially chose this activity to work with people who are – a priori – happy to be there!

I have always appreciated the vision of a wedding at the water's edge, under an arch, accompanied by our loved ones. There emerges a magic that finds simple and singular.

Life did things right, so I met Charles and the concept of the Ceremonists. It was a revelation.
Communicating by profession and accustomed to events, speaking in public is always a pleasure for me.

Today I am an officiating and I guarantee you that together we will create a ceremony that will reflect everything that makes you a unique couple.
Unite you in love, respect and humor, this is what I promise you!