General conditions of sale

General terms and CONDITIONS of sale


"LES CÉRÉMONISTES" means the structure hosted by GRANDS ENSEMBLE, SA SCOP with variable capital whose registered office is located at 292 rue Camille Guérin – 59000 Lille, registered with the RCS of Lille under the number 488 458 969 00059.

"The Customer" means the individual or professional client contracting with LES CÉRÉMONISTES.


Article 1: General / Purpose

THE CEREMONISTS' purpose is the creation and animation of secular wedding ceremonies and other similar performances.

These general conditions are intended to govern, to the exclusion of any other document, the contractual relationship between LES CÉRÉMONISTES and the Customer.

The services provided by LES CÉRÉMONISTES consist of:

– the organization of an event on behalf of the Customer;

– the possible coordination of other service providers during the event on behalf of the Customer;

– the possible provision of equipment during events organized by the Customer.

Whatever the service envisaged, the fact that the Customer place an order implies the full and unreserved acceptance of the latter to these general conditions and the waiver of any stipulations contrary to the said conditions that may appear in his own conditions of purchase or other document.

Any contrary stipulation opposed by the Customer will therefore, in the absence of express acceptance, be unenforceable, whatever the time when it may have been brought to the attention of LES CÉRÉMONISTES. The fact that LES CÉRÉMONISTES does not avail itself at a given time of any of these conditions can not be interpreted as a waiver to avail itself subsequently of any of the said conditions.


Article 2: Quote

As soon as the Customer has announced his specific project to LES CÉRÉMONISTES, LES CÉRÉMONISTES, after having proceeded to the search for possible service providers, issues a quote, which is always established subject to the availability of potential stakeholders and service providers.

The estimate details the project of events as decided between the parties.

This quote has a validity period of one month from the date of its issue.


Article 3 – Order

The Customer's order is formalized by the acceptance of the quote issued by LES CÉRÉMONISTES, returned signed to LES CÉRÉMONISTES dated and bearing the customer's signature and the mention GOOD FOR AGREEMENT.

Any modification envisaged following the order will be the subject of a request for modification of the written project addressed to LES CÉRÉMONISTES which, if it can be considered, will give rise to the issue of a new estimate, taking into account, if necessary, any deposits paid and to be the subject of a new agreement of the Customer.

These additional and/or modified services will be invoiced and payable under the same conditions as the services initially provided.

The customer's order generates the issuance of a deposit invoice up to 30% of the total quote. The payment of the deposit invoice conditions the start of the service of LES CÉRÉMONISTES and in particular the reservation of the services with the service providers of LES CÉRÉMONISTES.


Article 4: Price

The prices announced in the quote are in €uros, ht and TTC. The services invoiced by LES CÉRÉMONISTES are subject to the VAT rate in force.


Article 5: Conditions of payment

Unless otherwise agreed between the two parties, the services ordered
are the subject of 3 invoices: –
1st deposit of 30%, at signature
– 2nd deposit of 30%, at the delivery of the V1 version of the ceremony
– Balance of 40%, after the ceremony


Article 6: Penalties for delay and Indemnity(s)

By application of the provisions of Article L441-6 of the Commercial Code, the legal late penalties
are payable the day following the due date appearing on the invoice.
The interest rate of these penalties is equal to 3 times the legal interest rate. In addition
to the penalties, any delay in payment will give rise to the payment of a lump sum compensation
for recovery costs (€40), or even additional compensation in the event of
higher recovery costs, on receipts. These late payment costs will be due automatically by
the debtor without the need to complete any formalities.


Article 7: Cancellation conditions

The Customer has the right to cancel the services ordered, according to the following conditions (except force majeure and / or contrary provisions agreed between the two parties):
– 30% of the quote (usually the 1st deposit) will be automatically kept by the service provider in case of unilateral cancellation by the customer
– 60% of the quote (usually the total of the first 2 deposits) will be required/kept if the cancellation occurs after the delivery of the V1 version of the ceremony
– 80% of the quote will be required if the cancellation occurs no later than 14 days before the date of the event.


Article 8: Ownership of the equipment given for rent

The property leased as part of the agreed services is, and will remain in any event, the property of LES CÉRÉMONISTES.

LES CÉRÉMONISTES reserves all rights and actions against the customer in case of degradation of the property given for rent.


Article 9: Liability

In its capacity as counsel, LES CÉRÉMONISTES is subject to an obligation of means, striving to make every effort to satisfy the Customer and provide the best response to his project.

In its capacity as organizer, LES CÉRÉMONISTES incurs its contractual liability only within the limits of the services provided and accepted by the Customer, therefore, would not be required to repair the damages related to the intervention of a service provider or a third party, apart from the services agreed in the estimate.

LES CÉRÉMONISTES can not engage its delictual liability on the occasion of damages occurring during the event and not being related to the services covered by the estimate such as theft, damage, bodily injury or material accidents, assault and injury, etc …

The responsibility of THE CEREMONISTS can also not be engaged if the non-execution or delay in the execution of one of the obligations of THE CEREMONISTS arises from a case of force majeure (any external event, unforeseeable, irresistible, within the meaning of the provisions of article 1148 of the Civil Code).

LES CÉRÉMONISTES is insured under its professional civil liability. LES CÉRÉMONISTES therefore guarantees the coverage of any claims or damages caused by it. Under penalty of forfeiture of the right to guarantee, the customer is required to report to LES CÉRÉMONISTES any claims or damages as soon as they are discovered and, in any case, within the maximum period, starting from the date of performance of the service as defined in the accepted estimate, of 3 days.

At the end of this period, no claim will be admissible. Any intervention by a third party whose activity would be related to the claimed claim or damage entails the loss of the right to the guarantee.


Article 10: Customer Referencing

The Customer authorizes LES CÉRÉMONISTES, free of charge, exceptionally, for the sole purpose of promoting THE COMMUNICATION TOOLS OF LES CÉRÉMONISTES, to use photos and the Testimonial of the Customer, after validation by the latter, on the website of the main agency, as well as on wedding referencing sites (,, This authorization is revocable at any time, by LRAR addressed to LES CÉRÉMONISTES.


Article 11: Disputes

Any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of the services of LES CÉRÉMONISTES ordered pursuant to these general conditions is subject to French law. In the absence of an amicable resolution of the said dispute, the Commercial Court of Lille Métropole will have sole jurisdiction.